We are just flying back to our respective duty stations after 17 hours in New York City.  The team self-funded the trip for three Airmen that were part of the Everest expedition.  Maj Marshall, Capt Merrin and SMSgt Disney went live on Fox & Friends, made a surprise appearance on the Today Show, and then gave an inspiring interview on Fox News Radio.  Below is a link to the radio interview (which includes video) and YouTube posts of their other on-camera appearances.

We want to send a HUGE thanks out to the people that supported this event.  It was a positive message that Americans all over the nation heard and we couldn't have done it without your help.  Not only will it spread patriotism, but it'll help us introduce US Airmen to the healing powers of mountaineering and time outdoor.

The Mt. Rainier climb in July is coming along nicely.  We have several people signed up, included a guest climber: SSgt Chad Jukes, who lost a leg serving in the Army.  He's an accomplished climber and will help us teach Airmen how to reach new summits!
Click to see and hear the interview

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